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100% food-grade silicone: ice Square trays are made from high-quality, food-grade silicone, are safe and don’t age easily. It can be in direct contact with food. The material is safe enough with BPA Free. Please be assured to use.
Removable and stackable lid: Each ice cream bowl comes with a lid that can prevent ice from absorbing freezing odors. The ice molds can be neatly stacked and use the inside of the refrigerator effectively.
Widely used: This form of ice can not only produce ice for juices, tails, whiskeys etc., but also for storing broths, sauces, supplementary feed for babies and snacks for pets.
Easy ice release and cleaning: silicone always remains soft and flexible. Rotate the ice molds lightly and press lightly to remove the ice. The soft silicone material does not break after a long freeze. Our ice bowl silicone mold has a smooth silicone surface for easy cleaning.
Each tray produces 37 for a total of 74. You can make 74 ice cream at a time, very cheap. Suitable for families, parties and bars.
Ice shape feature:
Silicone material – BPA free
safe – removable lid
Stackable, space-saving
Easy to clean
Multipurpose. With these ice cubes you can easily make them great for families, parties and bars.
Pack of 2 ice cubes.
Wash the ice cream bowl with water before use and put this ice down
Disinfection tray with hot water. Since the volume of water increases after freezing, only about 80% pure water has to be added to each ice and freeze in the refrigerator. The ice cream can be added directly to a drink.
You should clean the ice mold after use and protect it from direct sunlight in a clean, dry place.
Ice Square trays can be used in ovens and microwaves. Please remove the lid before use!
Colour blue
Material: silicone
Size: 20.

Ice Square Mold Silicone, 2 Packs Ice Square Tray Silicone Mold with Lid Ice Mold Ice Molds Ice Square Mold for Family


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(1000+200 DC Charges) Silicone Ice Cube Molds with Lid Flexible 34-Ice Trays

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