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3 In 1 Kitchen Triple Paper Dispenser & Holder
The Triple Paper Dispenser makes your kitchen more functional as it holds tissue paper, aluminum foil and other kitchen necessities with just one efficient tool.

Wall mounted roll holder for aluminium foil, cling film and kitchen towel
Holds and Stores Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll, Aluminum Foils and Plastic Wrap Films / Cling Film and Dispenses Them in One Single Unit. No Need for Scissors or Knives for Wrapping Food and Other Kitchen Items.
Takes 12? / 32cm standard size rolls found in supermarket
The blades are hidden behind the cover
Kitchen Triple Roll Dispenser & Holder is Essential Kitchen Utility for Every Household
Package Contains Kitchen Triple Paper Dispenser & Holder with Wall Mountable Screws, Pair of Tissue Paper Roll Holders, 2 Sliders with Roller Wheels with Installation Diagrams on the Box.


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3 In 1 Kitchen Triple Paper Dispenser

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