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A practical and convenient travel companion! This leakproof travel dispenser can hold up to 4 travel bottles and place them in one place to prevent them from rolling. Simply rotate the top and get instant access to what you want, and no need to find the one in multiple scattered bottles.

4-in-1 DESIGN: Features 4 refillable Travel Dispenser with capacity of 40ml in 1 convenient case. Simply twist the bottle head to choose among the 4 inner bottles
DURABLE AND LEAK PROOF: Each spray bottle is leak-proof, and keep them in one place, preventing them from rolling around, even when your luggage bumps and knocks into things. The unique design prevents leaks and spillage disasters as well
GOOD ORGANIZER: Travel bottle kit makes everything in your luggage/backpack organized. Never worry about leaks again as a result of knocks and bumps
OCCASIONS: The compact design makes this travel container easy to carry with luggage or backpack. Ideal for airplane travel, business trips, camping, gyms, holidays etc.
PERFECT: Perfect to store shampoos, conditioners, lotions, shower gels, serums, hand lotions and other liquids
EASY TO USE: Fill up the mini travel bottles with your choice of liquid. Label each and place them in your 4-in-1 Travel Dispenser, ensuring the nozzles are facing outwards. Secure the top shut by rotating clockwise. To find and use a bottle, simply rotate the top again and press to dispense. Rotate again to cover the nozzle.
NOTE: The internal bottle cap can only be screwed off, please don’t pull it out by force.


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4-in-1 Handy Travel Bottle Dispenser

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