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The Plastic Bathroom Shelf Kitchen Storage Box Organizer Basket with Wall Mounted Suction Cup is the perfect storage solution for your bath and shower accessories. With a functional design, this suction corner storage system comes with a porous body, which allows the water to drain out. Its premium plastic is lightweight yet durable enough for sustain certain weight. With the gadget, you will largely save room space by gathering messy items in order. Bright color, sleek surface and multi-function, this suction basket can also be regarded as wall decoration.

With two suction cups, attach tight and strong cups
Perfect for cosmetic, bathroom products and other small household items
Suction works best on ceramic tile, glass, mirror, granite, stainless steel, acrylic, laminate and any non-porous surface with glossy finish
Suction will not work on stone, wood, sanded tile, porcelain, marble, dry wall & any surface that is bumpy, porous or matte finished
Greatly save your space and keep your bathroom neat and clean


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Bath and Kitchen Storage Shelf with Suction Cup

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