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Feature Net content: 20g herbal lip balm Features of the Herbal Lip Balm include: Adhere to natural and no additives: herbal lip balm is made of natural plant ingredients, without adding any harmful ingredients such as chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, etc., which meets the needs of the public without additives lipstick. Nutritious and moisturizing: rich in natural plant extracts, such as honey, mango oil, olive oil, etc. These ingredients can moisturize lips and reduce chapped lips. Long-term use can make lips soft and moist. Variety of choices: Herbal lip balm has rich color choices, ranging from light pink to deep red, which can meet the needs of different groups of people. Soft texture: Herbal lip balm has a soft texture, easy to color and apply, and feels very comfortable to use. Long-lasting: Herbal lip balm can keep lips moisturized for a long time, and will not lose its effect in a short time.


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Herbal Medicated Lip Balm 20g

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