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✔️ This Massage Pillow utilizes rotation shiatsu nodes to provide deep tissue and kneading massage to relax your tense & sore muscles.

✔️ It also helps to ease fatigue and muscle pain. It provides a therapeutic effect for hypertensionarthritiscontusion, and cervical spondylosis patients.

✔️ It’s a real saver for those who spend a lot of time standing on their feet or sitting with a bad posture.

✔️ It will also provide excellent relaxation the moment you get home

✔️ The built-in magnets will give you an different experience by providing you with magnetotherapy.

✔️ It’s great for enhancing blood circulation to cure your stress points.



✔️ High-Quality product

✔️ Thermotherapy combined with Magnetic therapy

✔️ Back adjustable Buckle design

 ✔️ Lightweight, Super- thin and Stylish

✔️ PROVIDES FULL-BODY RELAXATION – By mimicking the vigorous deep                 kneading and penetration of a real massage therapist’s hands, this Massage Pillow   provides high-quality magnetotherapy to ensure the deepest relaxation. Use it on   your neck, back, feet, legs, and abdomen!

✔️ EASES MUSCLES STIFFNESS & TENSION – Our Massage pillow provides heat   therapy to give that extra therapeutic boost to relax your muscles and give a   soothing  sensation.

✔️ HELPS TO FALL ASLEEP FASTER – By promoting deep relaxation and massage,     this pillow makes it easier to fall asleep and get more sound sleep. Use it right before   going to bed and enjoy colorful dreams the whole night long!


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Neck & Shoulders Massage Pillow It is not a portable device use it with charger only

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