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This flower vase can be stored in almost anywhere when you donâ€t use them, wonâ€t take you too much space. Removable and can be used frequently. You just only to clean its back and the surface you want to stick to.
Have strong adhesion
You can stick it directly to any smooth surface such as widows, glass door, refrigerator, glass cabinet, ceramic tile, etc., and keep for over one month. It can be used in many occasions. Its†small size and protability can make them be perfect for any party, exibition, wedding, festival, catering events, home and kitchen decoration.
Material: silicone
Size: 5.9*5.9 inch
Color: Light Blue/ White
Gardening Gadgets Plant Maintenance Silicone Stickers Small Vase


The creative vases are made of nanoscale polymer materials, which are resistant to tear and high temperature. No need to nail, no damage to the wall, no glue mark design.
Adopt new high polymer material, make the back of the vase by means of nanotechnology countless small suction cups adsorb the smooth surface, super absorbency lets you place as you like.
Vase volume is small and portable, do not suffer dimensional limitation.
Nanoscale polymer material, non-toxic and tasteless.
Reusable, absolutely environmentally friendly.
Easy to use, the paste can be used.


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Silicone Sticky Magic Vase Stick on The Wall Flower Pot – Shortcut

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