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Product Details:
Product name: induction vibration correction belt
Product size: free size
Product material: elastic band
Product color: gray
Product weight: 350g
Product function: Improve hypnosis/spine correction/protect eyesight/stretch chest, etc.
Material: ABS + elastic shoulder strap
Fully charged usage time: 15 days
Charging output interface: standard V8 interface
Charging time: 2 hours (about 2 hours)
Built-in battery specification: 500mA/3.7V

1.It is recommended to wear the brace for 2-3 hours a day when you start using it. Increase the wearing time gradually until you feels comfortable wearing it for the whole day.
2. Every time you use it, must reset the correct posture record.
3. If the posture reminder is not sensitive, pals try to tighten the strap, and at the same time, keep your back straight as far as possible.
4. If the posture reminder is too sensitive, pals try to loosen the strap. If it vibrates frequently, you can power off and power on again, keep your back straight and reset your correct posture record.
5. If the reminder cannot be switched on, pals charge the posture reminder for 10 minutes.


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Smart Intelligent Induction Posture Corrector for Men And Women

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